Welcome To The Official TACK-TILES® Web site


I apologize for any trouble you may have had lately working with the TACK-TILES website. A hacker thought it would be a good idea to destroy our old site and then destroyed it. Now I’m building a new one. i put the other site together 20 years ago in 1994. The vintage technology I used was easy to hack. Today, armed with more modern technology and very little understanding of how to use it Kevin forges onward. Please be patient while I study how reconstruct this better, more modern site.  I intend to use many files from the old site and add new features. For now, I’ll use the little I’ve learned  to put some links below to the TACK-TILES® brochure and the price list. If you need anything else that you don’t see here please call me at 1 – 800 – T ACK-TIL (822 – 5845). More contact information is printed on the last page of the brochure.

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